Nan F. Loots,  BSW, RSW

Mobile (604) 799-6098

Nan's Bio

My enjoyment of traveling and exploring is congruent with the philosophy I follow in my practice of being open, accepting, aware and courageous. 

I believe that we all have strengths and challenges in this journey we call "life".  We become stressed with relationships, employment, the expectations of others and we need compassionate support to unpack the issues into manageable pieces. I have experienced that great growth and change occurs when the people we are in relationships with are invited to participate in the counselling work.

Although I draw on many therapeutic modalities by using a narrative, person-centered, strength-based, solution-focused perspective, which  creates trust and a safe place to work from. I have many years of experience facilitating groups on topics such as: anger, grief and loss, codependency and boundaries.  When working on boundaries we explore ways of protecting and respecting ourselves in relations with others.

It has been my privilege to work with more than 1000 abused women, and often their partners for over 12 years. While at Ann Davis Transition Society, as a stopping the violence counselor, I also worked towards  obtaining my social work degree. Integrating my love of working with people and my life experience, I decided to open a private practice named  "Interval Services " in 2016.