Terresa McKenzie, MSW, RSW

(800) 216-1762 ext. 702

Terresa's Bio

Hello, my name is Terresa McKenzie and I joined Interval Services as a partner in June 2016. With the belief that, at one point or another, every person needs a helping hand by someone who will listen and provide a fresh perspective, I am committed to creating a safe environment for everyone I work with. Originally, I was inspired by the strength and resiliency of those in a transition house to whom I provided crisis intervention, as well as the elderly.

Passionate about assisting the entire family unit, I focused my education on male anxiety and how it can affect relationships. Since that time, I have worked with individuals, families and youth, as well as developed and facilitated a variety of workshops in mental health, conflict mediation, abuse, suicide prevention, advocacy, grief and loss, divorce, empowerment, human rights, social justice, leadership and employment.

With an appreciation of personal connection, and through the use of both traditional and modern techniques, I help by normalizing situations, overcoming vulnerabilities, increasing communication skills and discovering ways to live a happy life.